transferin HD from 1 xbox 2 another


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May 7, 2005
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ive got a modded xbox which is faulty and want to transfer the HD from that xbox to a new one which i am about to mod but dont want to lose any settings, game saves, games, apps etc. Is their an easy way to do this or will i need to copy the entire disk to PC and then transfer the relevant stuff back?? i dont really want to do this as the disk in the xbox is a 160gig and i havent really got the space on my PC

the faulty xbox is an early version and the replacement is a 1.6.

would it be possible to use the same HD back up the game save area to pc, let the softmod software wipe the c: and e: area, leave the f: in tact then copy the game save area back???

can anyone advise?
if you are able to ftp into ur first xbox just copy /e/udata and /e/tdata folders to ur pc and when 2nd xbox is ready just transfer these folder back ur save files will be save and there is another way to do this is
download Conexant software install it once running u will be able to extract your save files from xbox
these procedures are only for gamesaves not for applications I think applications are not a big problem i m sure when u install the xbmc latest one u ll get the all required apps with it anyway
if your faulty xbox is modded or softmoded and if hdd is locked then take hdd out of the modded xbox use the linux bootable utility which allow u to clone hdd use that i think it is xboxhdm something like that use this utility and unlock ur hdd the one u have just taken out from ur faulty xbox. (Now softmod your 2nd xbox. ftp in u have to make a linux cd. transfer just eeprom file from the 2nd xbox and copy it where it says in readme file now double click on the batch file to create cd. after that connect your faulty xbox hdd with pc as it says in readme of xbhdm boot ur pc with that cd and when every thing is loaded just simply lock the hdd with that eeprom and put it in the new xbox everything will work . If xbox does'nt boot up just boot it up with splintercell cd and softmod ur xbox again u will not gonna loose anything.)
and if ur faulty xbox hdd is not locked then just use process stated in ()
P.S. check the sticky thread "softmod in 10min" for information on xboxhdm
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