Top 10 list of what to drink while playing Games


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Dec 10, 2005
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Top 10 list of what to drink while playing Games. Bought to you by meet4apint. Keep reading for the top 10 list ranging from the right games to drink Stella with or even get an energy boost with some Red Bull. Every drink accounted for, for just about every type of gaming genre. Check out the list inside.

Here it goes, drinks at the ready:

10. Stella ( The wife beater, Play any shoot um up whilst drinking this and find out what its like to be kicked out of every game, you will soon become abusive and think you are the best player in the world but truth be told you are hiding in the corner and shouting abuse at yourself has every other player has muted you).

9. Red Wine ( A big Girls Drink, Make sure you don’t tell anyone that your drinking red wine while your playing or you may get the brunt of the trash talk, If you spill this drink you will have to waste time trying to clean it up which is a job and a half. Our advice is don‘t go there)

8. Kornberg (Not a favourite in our poll, maybe its to strong for some)

7. Cider ( Should never be mixed with strong Larger If you do the outcome may become the same has Stella)

6. Guinness ( A meal in one, good if you don’t have time for food, it’s full of iron. But don’t drink to much unless you want to spend the night and all the next day sat on the toilet)

5. Ale ( Again Like Guinness a meal in one and just like Guinness be careful how much you drink)

4. White Wine ( A good way to get the other half playing/watching you play games, chill a bottle, open, pour and your misses will be asleep in no time)

3. Energy Drinks (For those the want the edge watch out for the side effects tho, Known side effects 1. Shaking of hands, 2. Trash talking at 200mph, 3. Sitting on the toilet for large amounts of time)

2. Coke a cola ( Everyone’s favourite, I was very surprised this didn’t make number one, Just remember to brush your teeth or they may fall out)

1. Fosters ( Australian for piss, a beer you can drink all night with no side effects even after 10 cans your aim will still be good).

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MaxConsole - LOL: Top 10 list of what to drink or not to drink while playing Games


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Jul 20, 2005
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I wonder what are the best drinks to have while surfing Forums? :)

Here's my findings so far..

Cider. - Awake next day and cringe at previous nights posts.
Lager. - Arrange a fight with other member. 5 point infringement awarded for insulting other member.
Lager + Cider - BANNED FROM FORUM.
Vodka - Awake next day and cringe at previous nights posts - possible ban.
Cola with no alcohol - 7 day ban.
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