The Mafia Boss [MMOG - 'FREE']


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Jun 28, 2005
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This is a free web based Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on the Real Mafia Life so called
"La Cosa Nostra".

You wanna be a real Mafia Don like Al Capone, John Gotti and have all the little mafiosos "Kiss Your Ring ... or Die", then you are at the right place!

*Please note* We are strict on cheating - Do not share a comp or have more than 1 account. Also please use common sense when choosing your name cause if it has racial remarks or profanity then you will have to make a new account. This is a game and meant to be fun, good luck!

This game is completely browser based , you don't need to download anything or install anything!

Enter the The Mafia Boss World, where you will become a boss of a crime gang. You have the choice to collect money from your casinos, whorehouses, loan sharks and gambling dens. You could also produce drugs, liquor and Counterfeit money. You will use bribes, and minor crimes during your daily routine. You will embark in street wars against other gangsters for control. You can bring your gang forth to join a Crime Family with a well structured hierarchy or even form your own Crime Family. The options are endless under a proven business logic with extra scope for illegal businesses and use your legal businesses to clear out the money.

When first starting out, building a strong crew is the best way to go. Keep your happiness levels up, or else your units will start to leave you. Buy liquor and have coke for your operatives; defensive units need guns, weed and liquor. Assure that they are enough defensive units to protect your operatives. If all else fails to keep your operatives happy raise the payroll, see what makes each group happy. Glocks are the best for a starter, when you can afford it go straight up to AK's. Cars can make a difference while doing a drive-by or being attacked. Best car to get, of course, is the S-CLass Limo but if u cant afford it go with the next best for you. The last thing to remember is try everything in the game!! If you don't like the city you're in, leave! If you aren't making enough money try other ways to get money (attack someone in your range) but this is the real Mafia World "an eye for an eye, an arm, and a leg" offers a Real Cash Prize and turns to be won each round to its supporters (players buying turns and/or subscribing) and free turns can be won for non-supporters Current Supporter prize breakdown is #1) $700.00 CASH #2) 25,000 turns, #3) 15,000 turns. Rounds are 10 days in length. (cash prize is in USD)

You have the ability to purchase additional turns, via Paypal, that are credited immediately to your account once payment is completed. You will contribute to support this game and help us make it bigger and better.

cheers mate, i loved Mafia city of lost heaven.