Mobile Phones the Facebook Phone, Here's Mozilla Seabird: An Open Web Concept Phone


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Dec 5, 2006
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Much as been made of the so-called Facebook Phone. While Facebook is still being vague about their ideas for this (but at least they’re no longer denying it), it seems likely that anything they do will be based on Google’s Android platform. And INQ may offer the first of these starting next year. But Facebook isn’t the only web company thinking about phones and Android. Mozilla is as well. Or at least, their community is. Today on the Mozilla Labs blog, they’ve unveiled Seabird, an Android-based concept phone built around the ideals of the Open Web.

The concept, created by Billy May, looks amazing. The shape is a little odd (sort of like an upside down raindrop), but it boasts an 8 megapixel camera, dual side pico projectors, wireless charging, and an embedded Bluetooth dongle. The dongle acts as both an earpiece and a controller for the phone. While the pico projectors allow you to display a virtual keyboard on a tabletop for typing.

Would any of this actually work? Who knows. Some of this technology is certainly a few years out. But still, as a concept, this is pretty great.

As for Mozilla actually making such a device, in a FAQ below, this is addressed:

Does Mozilla have plans to produce a mobile phone?

No. Mozilla produces Firefox for Mobile, the popular Firefox browser for mobile phone systems such as Nokia Maemo and Android.

YouTube - Mozilla Seabird 2D

Looks pretty cool this