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Dec 4, 2005
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The Best Radio stations & Podcasts on your mobile

Spodtronic makes your mobile phone to an interactive Jukebox. The best radio stations and Podcasts of the world on your mobile as a visual and interactive experience! Imagine you hear a fantastic song on the Radio and you dont know the name of the Artist or the song. With Spodtronic you do not only have the possibility to hear your radio station everywhere you want, but also to SEE every song!
Currently the following NOKIA mobile phones are supported:
Nokia N95, N93i, N93, N91, N80, N73, N71, E70, E65, E61i, E61, E60, 6290, 5700

Spodtronic visualizes all Songs with a lot of interesting Information, such as: Artist and Songtitle, Pictures of the Artist, CD-Covers, Discographies and other interesting background information, lyrics and a lot more. Rediscover your mobile phone with Spodtronic.

Spodtronic has 3 different types of radio in one single application:- Listen to the best live, interactive, and visual radio stations in the world
- Experience the innovative mood-based Musicovery personalised radio
- Download the hottest podcasts directly to your phone over-the-air.

Visual Interactive Radio
Access a huge amount of live radio stations from your mobile. Imagine listening to a song and wondering who the artist is, with spodtronic you will even SEE the artist: Thanks to the data communication via 2.5/3G/ W-LAN spodtronic simultaneously visualises the song currently playing with all the trivia concerning songs and artists, such as artist pictures, discography, news and a lot more. You will also have the ability to instantly purchase tracks and ringtone downloads of that artist while listening, if your network operator is integrated with spodtronic.

Musicovery Personalised Radio
The personalised radio service Musicovery, ( allows you to create a radio channel according to your mood, favourite genres and decades. Musicovery uses over 40 parameters to categorize the tracks.

Mobile Podcasts
With spodtronic’s mobile podcatcher you can also download thousands of podcasts directly onto your handset. Synchronisation with a PC becomes unnecessary; you can subscribe, download and play podcasts anywhere you want.

If you've got an unlimited GPRS or 3G data connection, this is built for you. If not, please upgrade your data plan before using the software.
Spodtronic requires about 3.4 MB of disk space on your mobile phone, be sure you install it on a data card.