Tech News SMARTY and Voxi are new networks from Three and Vodafone


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Sep 5, 2016
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This is not completely new as they were launched in 2017 but if anyone is thinking about changing to the likes of giffgaff for a 30day pay as you go sim only, no frills, mobile contract - These are well worth a look.

SMARTY from Three is aimed at SIM-only deals with transparent pricing.

For £5 per month (base), plus £1.25 per gigabyte, you get a no-frills phone service. No Spotify. No free roaming. Just the basics. In fact, at launch, roaming isn't available at all, though it is expected at some point.

You can also buy some monthly base bundles - £7.50 for 2GB, £10 for 4GB and £15 for 8GB. Better still, any unused GB credit will be refunded back to you for the following month.

Meanwhile Vodafone has announced Voxi, a network specifically aimed at the ‘yoof' segment of the market - it's actually officially aimed at under 25s.

Again a SIM-only MVNO, it allows users to work with social and chat apps - including Facebook Messenger, Instagram. Whatsapp, Twitter and Snapchat to name a few, without it eating into their data.

The morality of doing this under net neutrality rules is questionable, but the wording has been careful, as it was when Three started its "Binge" campaign for streaming, and EE's ongoing free Apple Music subscription - it's not giving you free or prioritised data. It's paying for it for you. Subtle, but enough to satisfy the lawyers.

The 30-day 4G plans are 2GB/£10, 5GB/£15 and 15GB/£20 with unlimited calls and texts. If you run out of data, you can still use the bundled apps or buy more for 1GB/£3. It's a significantly more expensive deal than SMARTY but it does offer more chance of freebies.

Click here for more info on Smarty

Click here for more information on Voxi
I'm with GiffGaff and I have had no problems. For £10 a month you get 3GB internet, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts. :)
I'm with GiffGaff and I have had no problems. For £10 a month you get 3GB internet, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts. :)

Me to, but i think VOXI's more aimed at the teens to twenty somethings thats constantly on facebook, instagram twitter where using them does not eat your data. I like the idea of Smarty where you get money back for unused data...... but if it's not broke don't fix it - Giffgaffs working for me without any headaches.
I have moved in April to GiffGaff sim deal from O2 after 12 months contract. Everything is ok, 4G works good in my area, also like the app and online account, which is simple and easy to manage. If anyone faces any issue with GiffGaff, then call to GiffGaff customer service number listed here.
Just ordered a smarty sim at £10 a month with 4gb and i get to keep my own number. Took ages to get o2 to let me cancel and send a PAC code they offered me 5gb and unlimited for 13 a month on a 12 mth sim deal told them to bolt as smarty buys back unused data at £1.25 per gb and is on a 30 day rolling contract.