Setting up dm800 - for the first time - help needed.


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Mar 14, 2006
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Hi All.

I have a tm600 running fine which i have updated fine and ftped too. A friend has just got hold of a cloned dm800hd pvr and the sat people have installed his motorised dish and it pointing to 13e now (have connected tm600 and signal is fine and moved dish without issues)

When i connect the dm800 up i go to setting and try to scan channels on 13e but it picks nothing up also am unable to move the dish when trying to scan other sats and the setting only seem to allow me to add 4 sats

Am not sure what image is on the box (think it sats "something" gemeni 2 on the water mark) but when i try and update via the null cable using dreambox center is not connecting (user root password dreambox - "invalid login") as i want to try and install a different image as i think that could be the issue

I have read Bally12345 guide bt thats on for fixed dish i think and searched or forums but can't seem to find anything if someone could put in in the right direction please.


i use nablosat blackhole image m8
u needcheck bootloader on small screen when booting box
and sim which should be marked under boxwith sticker.for example (bl75 sim2.01)
some images http://www.dream box
make sure u get correct one.
when flashing all u need do is hold power button in on box then switch box on at mains holding botton until it says stop and shows u box ip addy on small screen on box.
type ip into web browser then update image ,so browse for image on pc and flash ,it will take about 4-5 mins that way(.null modem over a hour).
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