Sagem x1 image freezing


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Oct 25, 2005
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Hi all,
wonder if any of you can help please!
following the problems that we all experienced last week, i have been unable to successfully rectify the problem.
i have a sagem x1 with boxcracker3.5
have tried both Gavs' and Liams' new images, but the picture freezes and it tries to unscramble the signal. This is on ALL channels.
have tried changing the Ucodes and the ENX settings as per Gavs' instructions for his image, but no luck.
was wondering whether anyone else has successfully got a x1 image working?
or is it just me?.
i'm quite new to this and i've only ever had success with the boxcracker image.
a pointer in the right direction would be very helpful.
thanks in advance
freezing sagam

Hi carrion,

i have a 1x sagem in my bedroom and have tried all images(sportster,boxcracker..ect)and was still getting freezing pics and squeaky sound.just installed liams enigmax image last night and done a full bruteforce scan and wow!found heaps of channels and had only 1 freeze which cleared when i changed channel.

I really think its just down to the box mate.:)
thanks for that Zappaz,
i'll keep perservering.
do you think a bruteforce scan may solve the problem?
i tried the 6952 option last time.
what image did you have running before all these problems?
if you have tried my one then did you change all the settings to work for the sagem in the instructions people

some of the sagems with stutter need the ucodes setting to the inbuilt ones.:)
Have you removed the modem? I ahd problems with 2 sagem boxes, removed the modems, changed some settings and the Ucode on 1 and the now both work perfectly.
Gav, yeah followed your instructions about the ENX watchdog and all that but no joy.
Vtec_eck, when you say remove the modem, do you mean the Null-Modem cable? cos i have left mine in?

Ellie1998 did pm me a working boxcracker image and that worked fine first time, again many thanks ellie.
as i said before i've only ever had joy with a boxcracker image, but i wanna try something different, build up my rather limited knowledge!
it seems that it was a user error!
vtec-eck's post should have rang some alarm bells, but it didn't
my signal was split into two, and had worked previously.
i have now connected straight into wall and the picture was fine.
maybe the adjustments that have been made has increased the bandwidth required for the tv,reducing was it needed by other services?
never had this problem before.
anyway, Gav your image worked a treat as did Liams' enigma.
cheers all.
what the difference between a sagem x1 and a sagem x2

its how many chips are in the box
so always make sure you get the correct image for your box
1x needs 1x image
2x needs 2x image
Hope this helps.
is there anyway of finding out how many chips my box with out opening it.
it has it's a sagem dbox (the front panel can flip open)

Thanks in advance
hi m8
shine a torch in the vents on top of the box at the back in line with where the scarts go you should be able to see them there
hope this helps
got 2 sagems took modem out of both and seem ok now, apart from 1 in bedroom i had a bit of freezing now and again on channel 4 and living, even with a booster, i was going to swap cables cos downstairs is ok but noticed when pulling aerial out picture went perfect, so now i have pushed the rf adapter in about half way and not had any freezing for the last 3 days, not sure if this would work for everybody but it did for me