rom 11 boc /Error changing decrypt keys


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Nov 2, 2005
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hi have a dynamite prog and smelly west rom11 boc trying to write edited image with nagra 4.1 in win 98 mode ..can read card in xncs and rom studio ...this is wot i get from nagra.......
Opening of COM1 was successful
ATR String: 3F FF 95 00 FF 91 81 71 A0 47 00 44 4E 41 53 50
30 31 31 20 52 65 76 42 30 43 3B
ROM Revision: 011
EEPROM Revision: RevB0C
ProviderID: 5A
CamID: 2C DB 01 B0
Using BD3 Key: 4E 69 70 50 45 72 20 49 73 20 61 20 62 75 54 74
Attempting to login to BD3
Unable to login, bad password detected
Using BD3 Key: 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88
Attempting to login to BD3
BackDoor login verified
Dumping Dataspace
Error changing decrypt keys
Write error encountered, attempting to restore original decrypt keys
ProviderID: 5A
CamID: 2C DB 01 B0
Attempting to login to BD3
Decrypt keys successfully restored
Writing ROM11 failed
Closing of COM1 was successful
any ideas anyone please !!!!!!!!!!!
If you can read it in rom studio, then write it in rom studio
What is happening is that nagraedit don’t recognise BD0s in normal text or just numbers

Originally the backdoor 3 (C070) is written to the virgin card and data type is then backup to card
So when people change BD0s passwords to 00, 11, 22 or AA BB CC and so on"! and then they try to read card"!!!!
The command is sent to retrieve the BDO, but because it is in 00 or 88 or AA whatever"! and because it's not recognised code, Nagraedit then tries to restore by going to BD3 but failing because that has changed as well

I have not had to change BDOs at all so that's probably why haven't had that type of problem and if I had to then i would use a program that changes them in to recognised BD0s

In other words"!! you can change BD0 and BD1 but leave BD3 and that should stop all this Bad BD Passwords unless it’s badly written somewhere else

Hope i made myself clear "!
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