ps2 on psp


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Aug 21, 2005
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is it possible to play ps2 (iso) games on a psp.

also can someone please advise if there is software I need to use to play downloaded games. also can someone please advise how i upload iso's to the psp.

thanks again
newbie here.

Full Ps2 games vary in size from dvd form 1gig ish to dual layer 8.5 gig, psp games are alot smaller ranging from 100 odd mb to (I think the biggest one I’ve seen) 790mb, but then again how much data can a console games programmer get on a minidisk?
I’ve rebuilt dual layer dvd9 PS2 games to work on a dvd5 disc, but its a faff on and takes ages to do ,sometimes don't work with certain methods of booting, i.e. swap disc etc, so it's very unpredictable.

In respect to you uploading psp stuff, look at the link, these guys are quite clued up on it.

No chance
It is a totally different machine
At the moment they are struggling to emulate SNES & Megadrive games to run at full speed.
Maybe on the PSP3
In terms of uploading Isos just connect the usb cable to your PSP & PC.
To run them you will need a UMD loader like fastloader.
As the last guy said there are plenty of sites out there Google PSP Hacks
Any more questions just ask