Picture Break up and High Pitch Bird Sounds


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Oct 26, 2005
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Tested my box all ok works on mates set up, however when i plug into my set up, the picture works fine until you jump channels then it results in picture loss and a high pitch screech, suspect weak signal or not tuned properly,but could do with some help please:

sounds like the tuner is on its way out can anyone confirm this???
Does the picture break up when you jump through freeview channels like BBC?
Try placing three or four BBC channels together and jump through them only to test for break up.
If the picture doesn't break up try a newer image if you are running an old image or vice vera.

Hope this helps.
If it works ok at your mates then
it sounds like you have a weak signal coming in
try a booster from argos £7.99
you can get a refund if it dont improve the signal
Hope this helps