Only gone and broke it!



OK stupid me has only gone and messed up while flashing and now have 'kein system' error message.

I tryed to fix with IFA but for one thing it won't connect and second I don't understand German.

What will my dbox ip be now?

I'm close to calling it a day with this darn thing!
if it's kein system it means you've flashed it with the wrong image. check to see if you box is a 1x or 2x flash then find the appropriate image. as for ip it's no good when kein system. you'll have to use ifa to sort it out with the correct image
keep at it mate, i done this and it is frustrating but you'll get there man, if it's a little tip, every 3 or 4 times that i didn't get it to boot then i restarted ifa........god luck man, you'll get there