new virgin channel numbers


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Mar 12, 2006
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just changed over from dbox 2 to dream box 500c
although the box is as stable as a rock im having a problem with channel sorting

any body know what all the new channel numbers are now
been adding channels to bouqets dont know which itv or bbc is southern/meridian as there are loads to choose from and they are now shown as numbers and letters rather than channel names. thought i would ask as somebody may have come across this and have a solution to this small problem

or is there a program that you can open the service file and bouqets in so you can read it in clear english

cheers johnboy
If you press OK then RED (All Services) you will get an alphabetical list of the channels. There will definitely be duplicates and channels that don't work. The channels that work will be the channels with epg next to them.

For example..

Sky One (The Simpsons)

Sky Sports 1 (Soccer AM)

The text in brackets is the epg. These channels are the ones that work.

To add the channel to a selected bouquet, highlight it then press MENU > Add to specific bouquet. Select the bouquet you want to add it to and press OK. You will then be taken back to the All Services list.

You can also use Bouquetter or Bouquet Wizard to sort the bouquets.

Hope this helps.
well done worked a treat now got the mrs of me back

thanks again