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Jul 30, 2006
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For those that don't use the xtreamer forum.

This is a very long

New Xtreamer fw which has Jukebox, new Xlive internet content and also allows online updates for fw, jukebox and xlive.

Release notes Xtreamer 2.4 RC3

Jukebox instructions

1) Download and install firmware ver. 2.4b20 from a links below
2) Once installation is complete then ensure you 'Reset Defaults' in settings
3) Configure your settings in the way you prefer and enable the 'Web Server' in the network section if you wish to use the Jukebox Web Interface
4) Turn the NTP Server ON in the 'System' settings page
5) Go to your Media Library and add your Movie directories to your Favorites using the '8' (FUNC) key.
PLEASE NOTE, All Favorites will be scanned so for this release. Please do not add TV series folders / Music videos etc or you will need more editing later to correct.
6) At this stage you can finally go to 'Movie Jukebox' on your main menu
7) Follow the on screen instructions (Use 1 to download etc)
8) Once the Jukebox is installed you have two options:
Use your TV to create the Jukebox
(You can use the Jukebox Web Interface (WI) afterwards for advanced editing)
Use the Web interface from the start to set up, scan and edit your Jukebox
The instructions should be pretty self explanatory from here on in.
1) Download and install firmware ver. 2.4b20
2) Rename the old xjukebox folder inside your /scripts folder
3) Install the latest build of the jukebox
4) Remount your network shares
5) Redefine folders as favorites in the media library.
6) Perform new scan of your media collection (offline scraping will save you time)

Please note: the recent package ready for download is not the same as anything published so far introducing local cache mechanism and advanced search / sorting functionality.

These new mechanism requires you to perform new scan and rebuild the jukebox database from scratch

Known Jukebox bugs

o Overscan issues affect the full screen viewing on some (mostly older) TV Models - We will produce a template after release to correct this for those affected. Some CRT and many newer HDMI-TVs have the ability to prevent overscan by just changing a simple setting in the TV settings - Check this first if affected
o During autoscraping movie years are not considered during matching - some movies are as a result recognized incorrectly (we will add comparison by 'year' later)
o Navigation issues using the return key sometimes return a blank page - This is being fixed at the moment and will have an update soon.
o In Multiplex view, scrolling to the far left or right results in 'ghosting' effects which are corrected after the screen refreshes
o Only 100 Movies at a time are shown in any of the views - This is to improve performance considerably, scrolling to the end of the list will automatically load the next 'page' of results.
o Scanning can take a while - Remember that it is doing some pretty complicated stuff in the background so please be patient

o Remote Control in WI does not work properly with Internet Explorer 8, use another browser if you want to use this feature. We recommend: Firefox, Chrome or Opera
Jukebox Recent Features:
o The Jukebox currently supports 4 Scraper plugins in 4 languages
o Currently 10 OSD languages are supported for a full OSD localized experience.
Please remember that we are in the process of adding additional languages within the upcoming updates.
o Once movies have been scanned and added to the Jukebox you will have the option to see a preview and full movie information even from the 'Media Library' by pressing the INFO button on the remote control on any folder which contains a movie with scanned data
o When movies have been scanned and added to the Jukebox you will see more detailed movie information if you press the INFO button while a movie is playing, this includes full plot information and movie rating
o We added an exciting feature to the media library FUNC popup that will allow you to add any movie to the jukebox even if you did not scan the entire folder or if you added the file later on. This will open doors for the community to allow you get movie info on the fly even if you did not pre-scrape / scan the folder on the jukebox. Its full functionality will be appreciated within a short time once the developers will introduce this working function.
o An upgrade check / download function has been added to the Jukebox. Press the '8' (FUNC) button while on the setup screen to check if a new version exists. Your current jukebox version will be displayed on the jukebox homescreen.
o Search/Sorting function by pressing 5 on any of the view modes.

Jukebox (TV GUI) Features

o A Multiplex View Mode - Movie Overview of all scanned movies in the database which allows you to
o See cover and fan art preview quickly
o Press INFO button to get On Screen Display of the movie.
o A Wall View 2X7 thumbnail View Mode
o Allows quick overview of 14 thumbnails of your movies.
o Press INFO button to get On Screen Display of the movie.
o Switch to any other view mode
o Press 0 to perform Search / Sort of this view
o A Wall View 3X9 thumbnail View Mode
o Press INFO button to get On Screen Display of the movie.
o Press 3 to Switch to any other view mode
o Press 0 to perform Search / Sort of this view
o A List View Mode
o Press INFO button to get On Screen Display of the movie.
o Press 3 to Switch to any other view mode
o Press 0 to perform Search / Sort of this view
o Settings which will allow you to set the scanning / Scraping method of your Jukebox in a wizard mode.
o Select Scraper Plugin. You will be able to select 1 out of 4 options. TMDB (default) will scrape your movie info in english. OFDB will fetch the data from the German site and will present the info synopsis in german. Cinepassion will fetch the data in French and Moviemeter will get your movies description in Dutch.
o Select Scraping Method. This section you will have to define whether you want the jukebox engine to query the internet and fetch the relevant movie information and posters or you prefer it to use files which you already collected on previous scans from the TV or from another scraping software like ember media, Thumbgen or YAMJ.
o Select Scanning method. This section is the 3rd step you will require to take a user decision before scanning. You Will need to tell the jukebox engine your movies are located all in one folder or rather you tend to create a separate folder for each movie.
o The community has created (darkforcesjedi) a very useful tool that will automatically create a separate folder of each of your movies.

If you will store each movie on its own directory you will be able to enjoy 2 unique functions :
(1) You will be able to scrape movie info on the fly from the media library by pressing the FUNC key on the remote control and <Add item to Jukebox>. The relevant information will be scraped and added into that folder without requiring you to scan the entire folder from the Jukebox menu.
(2) If you already scanned movie info, you will be able to get full OSD jukebox preview with synopsis + poster for movie from the media library by pressing INFO. We recommend to turn On the Preview Mode on the media library so as to enable you to see the poster on the preview pane and INFO for full synopsis before playback of the movie.
While playing a movie you will be able to get the full movie description by pressing INFO.

Jukebox Supported languages at the moment:
1. English
2. 中文(Chinese)
3. DUTCH (Nederlands)
4. GERMAN (Deutsch)
5. Français (French)
6. HEBREW (עברית)
7. SPANISH (Spain)
8. РУССКИЙ (Russian)
9. CATALAN (Català) - Cancelled
10. Korean
11. (Arabic) العربية
13. SWEDISH (Svenska)
15. PORTUGUESE (Portugal)
16. PORTUGUES (Brasil)
17. ESTONIAN (Eesti)
18. SLOVENIAN (slovenščina)
21. ROMANIAN (Romania)

Jukebox Webinterface (WI) Features

o A Movie Overview of all scanned movies in the database which allows you to
o See cover and fan-art preview quickly
o Edit movie information quickly
o Upload custom covers/fan-art from local PC or via URL
o Update all stored movie information including images from online movie databases
o See immediately which movie has missing title, plot, rating, cover, fan-art
o Delete single (or multiple or ALL) movies from the jukebox
o Get an idea how the info will look like on TV (RSS "infoOSD" emulation)
o Remotely browse / update your Jukebox collection
o Secured using your Xtreamer web interface credentials
o Filesystem Scanner
o Allows quick initial or update scan with the same options as on TV
o Shows you status of the scanner and how many (new) movies have been found
o Remote Control
o (almost) Live screen capture from TV output
o You can control anything as if you would use the real remote control
o File Browser
o Allows you to conveniently browse your local or network storage drives to add folders to your Favorites or files to the Jukebox without using the TV GUI
o Network shares will be mounted immediately when you go inside the share
o Favorites
o Overview and quick option to remove entries from the Favorites list
o Settings
o Offers an option to mount network shares automatically after reboot
o Option to wipe the Jukebox database and log files completely to start from scratch
o System Info
o Short overview of Firmware / Jukebox version, RAM / SWAP usage and used disc space on mounted storages

Web interface is accessible via the shortcut URL http://<XtreamerIP>/jukebox or http://myxtreamer/jukebox

New Firmware Features Added :

(1) Subtitle Browser - You will be able to find this new option on the subtitle popup screen. It will allow you to select an external subtitle file on any location on your HDD. It will absolve you from the need to rename the subtitle to the same name as the movie file name and will free you from the need to place the subtitles on the same folder of the movie

(2) HD Audio Passthrough - (For Xtreamer Pro and Sidewinder models only ) This version introduces the long anticipated 7.1 Audio Passthrough to DTS-Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus.
Currently this feature is well presented on BluRay .m2ts files. DTS-HD audio in MKV container is also supported. TrueHD in MKV will be added shortly.

(3) Timer Off - The requested function which will allow you to set a time in which the device will be turned off was added. Search for it on the Settings menu. You will have a choice now to set the time between 30-120 minutes

(4) NTP Client - The device was supplemented to adjust itself to a network time server. This will become handy once we will introduce you in the near future the "Recently added files" which will use the device time as reference point

(5) Recently Watched Movies - This Function was added to the media library. you will see this option once you will go into the media library initial screen. press [1] on the remote control will display a popup screen with the list of the last 10 movies played on the device. You will have an option to remove items from the list as well.

(6) Online Download & update mechanisms for Xtreamer live + Jukebox - This release introduced the ability to download the Xtreamer Live and the Community Jukebox directly from our server provided that you agree to the terms outlined on the opening screen.
This function will also allow users to perform online updates as they are made available by the community

(7) Restricted Porn Section - The XXX porn section on the Xteramer live will be automatically protected by the system default password . (0000) . We will consider to make this section available as a manual download section and to present a "family" version of it on the official release. The password is based on the 'Folder Lock' password and can be updated on the Settings page

(8) Hebrew TV GUI - was retranslated entirely so as to introduce a more localized experience to the various sections
(9) Auto creation of swap file - A default (64MB) swap file will be created while entering the Movie Jukebox to improve performance
(10) File Manager - We added enhanced functionality to the File manager function (New folder, Rename, Copy/Move, Delete) for network shares

(11) Password Protected Shares - We introduced in this firmware the ability to use a Username/Password option to log into protected network shares

(12) Improved Audio Streaming! - We dramatically improved / enhanced the .mms support so as to allow you greater compatibility and stability with mms audio streams. This opens the way for you to add the majority of mms audio streams of your favorite radio stations. We also added the ability to use both “mms://” and “mmsh://” protocols

Code: Select allExample usage:
Arirang radio

(13) Video Format Support - We can now stream AVI & WMV3 video streams which allows the addition of many thousands of active streams and supports more services for developers and users to use to enhance the online streaming experience

(14) RTSP Streaming Format - We added “rtsp” protocol support for Internet section.

Code: Select allExample usage:
<title>test rtsp</title>
<enclosure type="video/mp4" url="rtsp://"/>

(15) We Modified the parser code for SMI file.

(16) RSS Local Movie Playback Improved - You can use all functions of “Media library” playback via the Internet section - allowing you to customise the way you display and play your movie collection

(17) SQLite version 3.5.4 and PHP-5.3.2 - Were added to the device system core

(18) Network Shares support via Xtreamer Web Server
o Listing all network shares
o Auto mount while click
o Play network media files using web media player
o Play network media files/folder directly on TV by clicking “Play” icon
o Download network shared files from Xtreamer web server
o Upload file to network shares
o File functions (New folder, Rename, Copy/Move, Delete) for network shares
o Zip/Archive option for network shares
o Direct file link for network share files

(19) Play files and folders remotely with WEB UI - Screen shot in web rc,rc2
a. Play files directly from web UI to TV
- Click Play button next to file name to play that file directly on TV
b. Play all files of a folder directly from web UI to TV
- Click Play button next to folder name to play the files of that folder
directly on TV
c. Playlist play option from web UI to TV
- You need to firstly create a playlist from web UI or TV if none exists
- Click Play button from playlist window (Video/Audio/Photo) to play that
playlist directly on TV
d. Play playlists from Web Remote Control to TV by one click
- You need to firstly create a playlist from web UI or TV if none exists
- Click Movies/Music/Photos button from web remote control to play
corresponding playlist directly on TV
e. Currently playing file information and remote control by viewing “TV Screen
- Currently playing file name is viewable from main page of “RC
- Click on that file name to see more information about
- Go to “RC” sub page and click “Screen Shot” button to control your TV
viewing screen shot
- Or go to “RC2” and click on TV icon at the left to control your TV viewing
screen shot
- Currently need to refresh page to see updated Screen Shot

2. Playlist auto run option after boot or reboot
a. Go to Setup->Playback->Auto Run and select the playlist you want to
play automatically
b. Whenever you will turn Xtreamer on or reboot your selected playlist
will be auto played
c. For photo playlist you need to select
“Setup->Playback->Background Music->Playlist” for background
music to be auto played

(20) HDMI Compatibility Improved - New settings available
A. We changed the default value of HDMI Compatibility Set.
B. We also changed the default value of HDMI Chroma Sub-sampling Set to 4:2:2(Standard Default)

(21) Subtitle Lock - We added the ability to display lock folder password on subtitle browser.

(22) Firmware Download system from internet - We added the ability to allow you to check for available updates from the internet and perform download and updates once your device is connected to the internet.

(23) HD audio support in MKV container - We added the ability to play DTS-HD up to 7.1 CH on mkv container. This function is applicable to XT pro and XT sidewinder only.

(24) Disk Spindown - Your device will become more quite, cooler and HDD life expectancy will increase. You will be able to set the HDD to turn off if idle after 10 min.
Go to “Settings->System->HDD Spindown” and turn on/off
When “on” disk will spindown after 10 minute
Supports from sda to sdf disks

(25) Youtube HD Support. The new VP6 On2Media coded allow users now to enjoy their youtube and Flash FLV content on HD .


Xtreamer PRO

2.4RC3 Emergency (md5sum: b9e9c4106f2cd28eee2b7e96966c1144)

2.4RC3 Update (md5sum: a3389c36b6ef2e5af916c8d4af9345bd)

Xtreamer MK1 + Sidewinder

2.4RC3 Emergency (md5sum: bf466144a2c1792e6b93294216176829)

2.4RC3 Update (md5sum: 503d1c5adafd7cd8df92738fd6170574)

To upgrade the firmware please:

1. Download the firmware file.
2. Save the file on your computer (any directory) and unzip\unrar it.
3. Copy the firmware file to a USB memory stick (formatted FAT32) and use the USB host port on your Xtreamer.
3. Turn on your Xtreamer player and navigate to the SETTINGS -> SYSTEM menu options.
4. Find and select the FIRMWARE UPGRADE option
5. Navigate to the USB memory attached to your Xtreamer player containing the firmware update file.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend to upgrade the firmware via your network shared folders, as a loss in connection to the network could cause a break in the firmware upgrade process.

7. Once you have located the file, highlight the file and press ENTER on your remote to begin the upgrade process.
8. The Xtreamer will reboot and the process will be done in matter of few minutes. Once done the Xtreamer will reboot itself.
9. After the process is finished, you may want to do a RESTORE DEFAULT in the SETTINGS menu.


DISCLAIMER : does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed in the movie jukebox project or the XtreamerLive project.

Any of the trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights or intellectual property rights that are mentioned, used or cited in the services provided for Xtreamer Jukebox or the XtreamerLive project are the property of their respective owners.
Their use in any Xtreamer products does not imply that you may use them for any other purpose other than for the same or a similar use as contemplated by the original authors of content provided by these services under the CC-BY-SA licensing scheme.

Unless otherwise stated Xtreamer are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with any of the holders of any such rights and as such Xtreamer cannot grant any rights to use any otherwise protected materials.

Your use of any such or similar incorporeal property is at your own risk.

We Invite you all to join the project
We are inviting any member of this community who want to take part in developing the jukebox for more scrapers, add features and active sections to take part in this exciting project.

Codres with PHP, XML, RSS and Java Skills are most welcome to join the developers group.

Please send all applications to join the group to Xtreamer - Site Chief Admin - Personal message with your full name, email address, skype call name, googlewave account.

Once we will review your application we will be able to create for you an SVN and Trac account , assign you to your desired task and bring you closer to behind the curtains of this exciting community.
This is only version 1 of the Jukebox, the project was just launched and it has big room from many more exciting features already being started.

Please Note

The company will not take part in developing scrapers. This task will be supported by the community, for the community !
Thanks and enjoy....

From Xtreamer Development - Mavvy - Xende - Exe - Cap - Ozolli - Xdreamer - Spare - VPeter & Xtreamer R & D Staff

Many thanks to the closed beta group who took their time and helped us with ongoing feedback and useful tips.


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Sep 16, 2007
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Chucked it on my XT tonight. It's good bit of kit. A little picky, but that's not necessarily down to the coders, it could just be the scraping side of things. Looks promising, given it's a beta still.

Pass on my thanks Jaffa, please. :)


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Apr 5, 2006
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Dundee, United Kingdom
jaffa ive fell out the xt due to other things but i see theres new ones like sidewinder and xt pro. whats the crack with the first one we bought. are they still doin things for that as i was on the site couple weeks back and i saw something which was only for sidewinder and xt pro. cheers bud


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Jul 30, 2006
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Made in Belfast
jaffa ive fell out the xt due to other things but i see theres new ones like sidewinder and xt pro. whats the crack with the first one we bought. are they still doin things for that as i was on the site couple weeks back and i saw something which was only for sidewinder and xt pro. cheers bud

I have a couple of mk1 xtreamers and an xt pro, firmwares are still made for all of them, the only difference is the mk1 has not got a licence for 7.1 hd audio passthrough, other than that, stuff is still being made for mk1.


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Nov 1, 2008
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mine wont play anything in 1080p 60hz with this new f/w, with the old f/w i was on 2.3.4 i had to change the hdmi compatibiltiy set in av settings to hdmi option 1, but ive tried it on them all this time and it plays with a dodgey crackling sound until i turn things down to 720p, i hope the stable f/w is ok when it comes out