New EX-C&W Rst dated 1/11/05

Thanks clive - god its been a while, bet you have been bored
Thanks Clive
Mine just went dead, thanks to you its back online

Thats what makes DW special, its Gurus are always on top of things :)
Ant1970 said:
yeah thanx but seem to have rolled again..bummer
yep they have mines gone again need ya to do some more of your magic clive
just done a check and i dont think thay have rolled m8
weird mine went off this re-booted box and still same i get chanels 1-4 and that all....grrrrrrrrr
if eney one is having probbs try making a new rst been asking some ppl about this but i had no probbs as some ov my family are on fun cards and making a new rst is fixing it . it has nothing to do with the file it works well but what do you expect from the best.
i checked the hex and it seems key1 was the same as key0 just changed key 1and it worked,used RSTVIEWR to read the hex ...
btw it was the hex that i saved with rst that was the same not the orig one......
get key1 from clive's and changed your save
i used to NCE to change and saved the hex and it worked..
nce great if you got a tw box in ex c&w but if not as this was answerd a long time ago rst is the light at the end of the tunnle so please read about rst as some kind folk make it all ready for you and your tv down time is only 10 mins tops thanx clive:)