New design Cyberman is revealed


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May 24, 2005
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New design Cyberman is revealed

First seen in 1966, the Cybermen are robots from the planet Mondas

The first pictures of the redesigned Cybermen have been released ahead of the sci-fi villains' return in the new series of Doctor Who.

They will do battle with new Doctor David Tennant next year.

Producer Phil Collinson said Cybermen were "as much a part of Doctor Who heritage as the Daleks, so it's a huge personal thrill to see them back".

The new series will also include appearances by ex-Doctor Who companions K9 and Sarah-Jane Smith.

Originally created in 1966, the Cybermen are giant robots from the planet Mondas.

They have human brains but are devoid of emotion, and they are out to convert humanity into their own kind.

The new series of Doctor Who will follow a special episode to be broadcast on BBC One on Christmas Day.
Doctor Who was revived in March after a 16-year absence and proved to be a ratings success. A third series has already been confirmed.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2005/11/10 18:16:35 GMT