My Holiday nightmare


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Mar 11, 2005
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just thought i would share my holiday nightmare with you all.
i took my partner to Zante for a relaxing holiday in zante last week, all was going well until tuesday evening when we thought we were going to die, the area suffered a earthquake which measured 6.3 on the Richter scale. The hotel we were in shook and moved from side to side, i was looking at the pillers and they were bending. About 5 mins after there was another quake which was 5.7, the hotel staff were very good they told me i was safe in the hotel as it was built to withstand a quake measuring 10. when the aftershocks started i managed to keep the other guests from panicing, telling them all the info the hotel staff gave me. as we were on the third floor mr partner did not want to sleep in her room so we decided to sleep in the reception area with a couple of other guests,trouble was we could not sleep, there was a couple of aftershocks thoughout the night. My partner could not eat or sleep the next day, we contacted our holiday rep who was not very helpful. On thursday we were sat out by the hotel pool trying to get a little sleep when we had another quake which was 4.9, that was enough, my partner wanted to leave but could not get any seats on the plane so we had to stay where we were. we started talking to some of the local who explained that the island does suffer quakes all the time but they are only small, none of this is told to you by the holiday companies. thursday and friday nights were sleepless again and by friday night i managed to calm my partner down enough for her to enjoy a light meal.
late on friday night we were taling to hotel staff thanking them for all the help they gave us during our week there, at 00.20 there was a small quake which put my partner back to her frightend state, another 2 aftershocks within 4hrs followed by another larger quake at 5.30 that morning.
We were so glad it was our last morning on the island, we could not get on the coach quick enough and after a 2hrs wait at the airport we were on the plane on our way home. it is so nice to be home.
if you are thinking about a holiday in zante, forget it
just found out that from tues 18th to sun 23rd the island had 11 quakes in total
unlucky mate,

hope next time you have a better time
not the best holiday experience then m8 - just what you didn't need i guess. Lets hope you never have anything like it again.
Scary stuff!


at least you are both safe and well.

thanks for your replys, we are safe but not well, i am taking my partner to the doctors today because she is still not eating and has disturbed sleep.
i spoke to first choice yesterday who told me there is not alot they can do about an act of god, told them they should of at least warned customers about the islands history of quakes, if you book to travel to the states you know what to expect but everyone i have spoken to know nothing about quakes on the greek islands.
i feel sorry for all those people i saw turn up in zante on sunday morning and all those that still had another week on the island.