MS Patch Tuesday to Bring Nine Fixes


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Jul 5, 2001
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Microsoft plans to fix several holes in the security of Windows during its monthly "Patch Tuesday" release next week, including at least one deemed "critical." Eight of the patches will deal with problems in the operating system, and one will fix a flaw in the company's Exchange Server.

While Microsoft is never specific as to what it will be patching ahead of the actual release, eWeek is reporting that at least one fix with deal with code execution vulnerabilities within Internet Explorer.

There remain at least 20 vulnerabilities since 2003 in Internet Explorer that have not been patched, according to security firm Secunia. Most have been deemed "not critical" or "less critical" by the firm.

However, several flaws that have yet to be patched -- some as old as two years -- are deemed "moderately critical" and one "very critical."

Along with the monthly patches, Microsoft also said late Thursday that it plans to release an updated version of its Windows Malicious Software Tool. The program removes malware from an infected computer automatically.

Microsoft had planned to release one critical patch last month, but the update was scrapped after Microsoft discovered a "quality issue." It is unclear if the September fix has made it into this month's updates.

Before that, Microsoft issued three patches in June and July, and six patches in August.