media player 11/xbox 360 - missing files


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Aug 13, 2005
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Hi Guys. I had set up the media center extender to have a play about with, only to realise it's limited as to which video files it can play. Newb mistake, I know! I set up media player 11 on vista to share with the console and after a console update, it started playing the files that media center wouldn't. Now to the problem.

In a particular folder, I have around 30 videos - however when I go into (on console) media -> videos -> <pcname> it only shows 8 of those files. The same thing happens with photos in other folders. I've checked the obvious (permissions, restrictions, file type, file size etc) but there is no pattern. Some AVIs are detected, some aren't. Some mpegs are detected, some aren't. Same goes for JPG and GIF.

I've tried moving into the default folders like the video folder in my documents, no change. It's driving me nuts and it's after 2am so I'm gonna give up soon. Anyone have any useful information to save my sanity????

thanks in advance.