Is there a glitch


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May 12, 2005
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is there a glitch or something with this solitare game in the arcade?

i have played this umpteen times, at first i couldn't find where or how to submit my score, but i thought to myself, well if 2 players are in the high score list there must be a way. I played and played and realised you have to click on the congratulations word to submit ur score, but then only to find every time i do this, it adds 60 seconds to my score. I completed it in the first sheet in a total of 1:06 secs, i clicked on congratulations and it added 60 secs giving me a total of 100 points...i have tried this umpteen times and everytime the same, so if 1:06 secs gives me 100 points, what time score did the other 2 finish at to be able to receice 2000+ points for their

this is doing me head in