I was at the England game last nite,


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Jul 28, 2005
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100% UNBELIEVABLE that game was. Ok with Holland winning last nite were going to the world cup, come on. But the game was 1 of the worst I've ever seen.
The whole system is wrong. Were defending to deep, which is saying to the opposition come and attack. Were England, we have good team and were sitting back. We should be attacking. It was Austria for christ sake. We will get riped apart in the world cup if we play like that.
I would sack Sven and Steve McClaren now cos they don't have a clue. they have no idea, it's a joke. I was talking to a few Boro fans who were seated in front of us and they were saying Boro are just the same. Defend to deep and never bring the game to the oppostion.
Crouch can't play at this level, just can't cope. Not his fault but he shouldn't of started. Then to leave him on and take Owen off was a joke. should of been the other way round.
in my view Bent should of started. He plays in the same position as Crouch and last week scored 2 goals. Which is 8 now in total. Just don't know what the idea was playing Crouch.
As for the Beckham sending off. Couldn't really see what had happened from were I was. But I would say he lost the ball and then ran after him like a mad man. What a captain, What a bell. He tells Rooney to calm down in the last game and then does that.
I've had chance to see the game on the tele and would say it wasn't a 2nd Yellow but if he hadn't of done that, I think that could of been a goal.
As for the crowd, we made our view known at the end. Booing Sven, everyone wants him out.

But were at the World cup. The Poland game should have a bit of a party atmoshere to it and could be a good game. GOD PLEASE LET IT BE A GOOD GAME. But the form has to improve. It's been 4 games now where it's been 100% crap. Poland will beat us on our current form.

Thats my 2 bits about England.


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Oct 3, 2004
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No pleasing some people.....