Help with FTP please



Hi, I have a Sagem dbox2 that has been given Sportster1.75 in Germany. So it has german .xml files. I have found bouquet & services files for local area and tried to FTP these into the box. I used a crossover & windows explorer to FTP. I can see the bouquet & services files in /zapit and made a back-up copy of the german files just for the hell of it. But when i tried to overwrite with the new bouquet & services it just creates multiple files with the same name. The new files i cannot open or delete as i do not have permission. However i can copy the german .xmls back and they seem ok. Any ideas what i've done wrong.
your best option is to flash a complete new image m8 and have all english after a full scan,,
thanks melttc, i was gonna try that if no one had any better ideas.