GRIFFIN 9502-CLK30 AirClick


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Jun 30, 2007
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The Remote Control for iPods!

UKDVDR are selling it cheap right now, only £2.47 + P&P, total cost is £4.57

Linky Here

The Griffin AirClick for iPod Nano and iPod Video lets you hook up your iPod to your sound system and wander through the house while in full control of your tunes. The receiver module receives signal from up to 60 feet away. AirClick USB is ideal for controlling applications including iTunes, QuickTime, and even Keynote or PowerPoint. AirClick uses RF signals that travel through walls for control anywhere in your home or outside, up to 60 feet away. The five button remote allows for play/pause, next track, previous track, and volume up and down. A hold switch on the side prevents accidentally disturbing your music. The remote has a clip on it for convenient attachment. Product Features Gives you control over your iPod from up to 60 feet away Five buttons control volume, track advancement, and play/pause functions Clip provides easy attachment Usable with fourth generation iPods, iPod Photo, and iPod Video