GBox protocol compatible wireless cam! For any CI stb.


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Apr 2, 2008
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Norn Iron
a WiFi CAM 802.11G (WLAN) connectable with home router, GBox protocol compatible.
The hardware is based on the last 2.3 Diablo Cam version updated with a module WiFi (not like old ZigBee Diablo wireless system).
So with this module you will be able to connect your CI STB (so not necessarily a Linux Based STB) to the router wireless system working already in your home. The cam works in stand-alone mode (no need for the pc to be turned on), and it is configurable through FTP with a personal IP address, exactly like a DreamBox, but with a user friendly web interface. The CAM has an internal adjustable delayer for the ECM/DCW control to void timing freezes!
So if you have an almost brand new 400-500 euro HD decoder, or an old STB which you are loyal to, you don't need to buy a Linux based decoder in order "to do that"

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