Fresh family atrocity horrifies Austrian public


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Mar 5, 2006
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A 39-year-old Austrian man walked into a police station today covered in blood and confessed to the "extremely brutal" axe murders of his wife, their 7-year-old daughter, his parents and his father-in-law.

The fresh family atrocity has stunned the Austrian public, already reeling from the revelations of how Josef Fritzl kept his own daughter as a sex slave in the cellar for 24 years.

The man is reported to have told detectives that after murdering his 42-year-old wife and their daughter by hitting them on the head with an iron axe, he then climbed into his car and drove for over two hours to the city of Linz, where he killed his father-in-law with the same axe, before heading to the nearby town of Ansfelden and murdering his own parents.

He walked into a police station in Vienna at 3.20am, covered in blood and in a "confused state" and confessed to the murders. He said: "My dead wife and my dead child are in my flat."


The coffin of an axe murder victim is loaded into a hearse in Linz, Austria​

A police spokesman said: "He claims to have borrowed a six-figure sum from someone within the family, but then lost it in failed investments. According to him, the motive for the gruesome fivefold murder was to spare his family from the ‘shame’ of finding out that he was ruined."

Investigators who inspected his apartment, in a three-storey house in Vienna’s upmarket 13th District, say they found the mutilated corpses of his wife and daughter, their heads "severely injured". The woman was reportedly lying in a pool of her own blood in the bathroom, while the body of their daughter was placed in a walk-in closet and covered with a blanket.

The suspect told police that he killed his daughter after she watched him massacre her mother. He also confessed to murdering his father-in-law and his own parents. Following the murder of his wife and child, he reportedly drove to the house of his father-in-law in the city of Linz, and killed him on his doorstep as the ageing man opened the door.

Continuing his bloody rampage, the man climbed back into his car to drive to his parents' home and killed both of them, repeatedly striking them on their heads with the same axe as they were asleep in front of the TV in their living room.

Following the last murder, the suspect unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by hanging himself in a wood by the motorway. He then returned to Vienna and composed several "confused" notes about what he had done, before giving himself up to police.

The murder weapon, which police found in the suspect’s car, was identified as an axe bought in a DIY store. He told officers that he bought the axe especially for the purpose of murdering his family.


The coffin of the Linz victim, believed to be the suspect’s father-in-law, is carried out of an apartment block​

Alois Lissl, the chief of police in Linz, said: "The attacks were extremely brutal and he always aimed for the head as he struck his victims. We found several confused letters in which he tried to explain and excuse his deeds. It would appear that we are dealing with a premeditated crime."

The suspect and his wife were described as a well-to-do family of academics. He is currently being interrogated by officers in Vienna and is reportedly not showing "any emotion" while answering the officers’ questions. Police have also ordered post mortem examinations o the bodies of the five victims.

Police has so far established that he murdered his wife and daughter around 7.30am in Vienna, and than drove off to Linz, where he killed his father-in-law around 1 pm. The killing frenzy ended at 7 pm, when he murdered his both parents in their Ansfelden home.

Two weeks ago it was revealed that another Austrian, Josef Fritzl, 73, with a criminal record of sexual offences, imprisoned up his daughter in a purpose-built dungeon beneath his house and kept her as a sex slave for 24 years, fathering seven children with her.

Mr Fritzl allegedly fobbed off the authorities by claiming that his daughter, Elisabeth, had run off with a religious cult and had dumped three of her children on him and his wife to bring up as their own. Three more children were brought up in the cellar without ever seeing daylight, and a seventh died in infancy. The case has caused soul-searching in Austria about whether a climate of official secrecy about the past had allowed the atrocity to go undiscovered for decades.


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Dec 6, 2005
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WTF is this world coming to, just cos he lost a lot of money doesnt mean you have to kill your family, very sick