FREE PS3 giveaway


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Sep 8, 2006
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post cancelled, through possibility of causing spam and doubt of being able to post this info.
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Dont think we allowed to post these referalls mate. They send you all sorts of spam and stuff.
also that link is a link to an ebay item which has been removed.
dude - everyone's already tried doing this. I was on the 360giveaway only managed to get 4 green referrals and 50 yellow!

it'll take you forever as certain pyramid sites have set a bad rep for companies like the giveaway network.

If you're interested in getting referrals visit - they swap greens etc and also the owner for the giveaway network visits now and again.

I've not been on that site for aaaaages - but it's a good place to start.

Cheers all for the info, ive never bothered with sites like this and I only posted this if anyone was interested in trying for referrals, but like what the replys to the post says it aint worth the hassle. hands slapped post removed.