free pent shed


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Nov 21, 2001
free shed to anyone around the liverpool area or anyone that does'nt mind traveling, its about 13foot by 9,- solid apart from the base panel at the back, easily sorted by shortening the height of the shed {its about 8 and a half to 9 foot high at its peak} ------floor is t&g floorboarding ----------the roof leaks, but im not sure if the wood is rotten {have'nt checked} -----roof and sides are insulated {cavity wall silver backed foam}----window frame needs a lick of paint but solid

i did actualy buy some polycarbonate clear corrugated box sheeting for the roof {4 sheets 10x4 £121} and 4 lenghts of 5m plastic weatherboard cost me over a hundred quid-{its yours for a £100 if you want it}

i never used ply or osb for the roof just solid wood {so it may be ok}

collecter dismantles {although i will most proberbly give a hand}

you will need an open backed wagon