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Apr 17, 2006
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is it worth buying faulty 360's (specificly red light ones) are the easy to fix and dose the full board reflow method actualy work???
i brought a faulty 360 as a little project to get working,but so far iv tryed everything tryed heating up board with heat gun,applied new thermal compound to cpu gpu but nothing worked so no its not worth it unless ur bored n want somthing to do lol
lol i am in need of somthing to do ,,,,so i guess i might have to get one and see
you have got a chance to get them working if they have error 0102 but you could also do with a proper reflow station as the heat from heat guns
blow it out over a large area and although the foil does protect some area othe MB if you put enough sheets about 6 sheets of but you got a good chance of warping the mb or blowing cap's, you just want to be heating the GPU enough to melt the solder.

if you dont mind risking some money for somthing to do then go for it, if your getting it of ebay make sure you ask a few questions to see what they replies are like
Ive brought a couple xbox faulty xbox 360s, ones that are faulty, and have their warranty still valid. i always end up getting a replacement, woo :p

If you try this and if they ask, where did you buy this from, say and online retailer / auction, befcause they normally will ask you to return it to the store.