Experts shed light on solar system


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Jan 21, 2008
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A solar system containing up to seven planets orbiting a sun-like star has been detected 127 light years from Earth.

The planetary system is believed to be the largest ever discovered beyond the sun.

Astronomers have confirmed the presence of five planets and have tantalising evidence of two more.

The distance of the planets from their parent star follow a regular pattern, similar to that seen in our own solar system.

"We have found what is most likely the system with the most planets yet discovered," said Dr Christophe Lovis, who led the European Southern Observatory (ESO) scientists.

"This remarkable discovery also highlights the fact that we are now entering a new era in exoplanet research: the study of complex planetary systems and not just of individual planets.

"Studies of planetary motions in the new system reveal complex gravitational interactions between the planets and give us insights into the long-term evolution of the system."

The parent star, known as HD 10180, lies in the southern constellation of Hydrus 127 light years away.

Astronomers patiently studied it for six years using a planet-finding instrument called the HARPS spectrograph, attached to ESO's 3.6 metre (11.8ft) telescope at La Silla, Chile.

From 190 individual HARPS measurements, they were able to detect tiny wobbles in the star's motion caused by the gravitational tugs of its planets.

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I wonder if the parent star is cabled..

Is worrying though, for years and years we have been waiting for some green 1 eyed alien to come take over our planet.. yet it seems we are the ones doing it..