Ex C&W - Which Box


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Jan 18, 2007
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Having just sorted out my friends Di1000 which had its card zapped in Nov, I'm looking for a box of my own to play with.

Looking through previous posts there seems to be a lot to choose from so can anyone give me some advice as to which will work in an Ex C&W area and which are the best of those. I also used to have a subbed Di1000 so thats really the only one I have had any experience of.

Sorted friends box out with a Fun4 so thanks to all on here that have posted on that topic here, wouldn't have managed it otherwise.

Well you have a choice of the pace 1000, 1000b & 4000. You can also use the 2000 but if it doesnt come with a paired card getting the bk is difficult. Even then you'd need an unlooper most likely to open the card.
You can also try the Samsung 2110 which is the newer one, but I haven't done one yet so wont comment.
Then you have, in my opinion the king of them all ..the samsung 2100c, much better than pace boxes.
Thanks for your quick reply.
Is the Samsung 2100c easy to get the BK and IRD out of then if you don't have the card.
Am in ex cw area and have only done pace 4000 which i find very easy to do (after reading up on here :) )

have to jtag aswell.
Either of those sound OK then so have to start looking on Fleabay. Thanks for advice.