Everything You Need To Know About Computers

just givin this a anotha mention as some ppl mite not av seen it,wasa while bk and i lost the bookmark but just found it again on here and some ppl mite find it v interesting. All the books for your computer needs, alot probarly will be outdated but nevermind.
wow a lot of stuff there. as a bog standard user of comps, photoshop for parts of my work, internet and a few other things. since there are so many tuitles and most probably beyond me, could anyone point me to some that would be good for someone in my position. i'm interested to learn more about comps. i've got the photshop cs pdf for starters.
do you know what, don't bother. i've just realised how may titles there are about different topics on computers/software etc.. that i just stick to learning about the stuff i need to use, which will take me more than this lifetime! going at my pace.
For those that don't know, if you want to do a search on the page press Ctrl+F