EU foreign satellite judgment due in spring


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Aug 8, 2001
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European courts are set to make a judgment on a landmark foreign satellite case in the spring of 2011.

Morning Advertiser understands that once licensee Karen Murphy’s appeal at the European Court of Justice is heard on 5 October, it will take until the spring for the judge to make his decision on how EU law should be implemented.

Murphy, of the Red, White & Blue in Portsmouth, was appealing against her conviction for screening Premiership football via Greek channel Nova Supersport. She first took up the case in June 2006.

Since there have already been fairly lengthy written arguments presented to the European Court from both sides, the actual hearing on 5 October should last no longer than a few hours, according to general procedures.

From there, it will take a couple of months for an advocate general to return an independent opinion to the court, and the judge will consider this recommendation before returning his own judgment three to six months later.

The judgment will take the form of answers to the questions posed by the High Court in England, about how EU law should be interpreted in this case.

It is then up to the High Court to apply the law, as defined by the EU, to Murphy’s case, and reach its own conclusion.


If the UK is FORCED to accept goods and workers from other countries, why should the EU law about TV services be any different?

unless by 2011 sly will also own nova, D+ and a few others, yet they havent got a monopoly??