error code 3

Err3 is a fault caused by a battery backed-up SRAM (NVRAM) fault.

It is possible that the SRAM chip, usually a Cypress 64128 device is faulty, although other factors such as firmware chip problems can cause it.
the nvram is the 1st place to start m8, {reflow or replace if faulty}

the atmels will give error3 on a dry joint {reflow}
I have the same err3 problem on my pace 1000, i have reflowed the atmels and the NVRAM chip but still no luck.

QUESTION: can i replace the NVRAM chip from another model box like a pace 2000? or ph1b or does it have to come from another 1000?

I believe there is no probsems swapping them from different boxes but before you do apply some heat to the chip ie hairdryer or irf you have a hot air solder station all the better the plug in if box boot up ok when the chip is still hot your 99% sure the nvram is at fault.If this works get the box set up where you intended to put it, heat up the chip, power up the box,carefully put the lid on and it should work fine as long as you dont unplug it!!!!!!!!
Thanks for that but i don't want to be doing that everytime the power goes off of it so wouldn't it be better if i just replaced the chip?
OK I've just replaced it with an NVRAM chip from another box and it works! :)
I just had to set net id etc and update it and now its going again :)
Thanks for the advice my fellow collegues in crime ;)