e/w bets for the national


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Aug 13, 2005
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Eurotreck E/W 22/1

Longshanks E/W 25/1

Billyvoden E/W 20/1

Point Barrow E/W 11/1

Simon E/W 18/1

Homer Wells E/W 33/1

Jack High E/W 33/1

Royal Auclair E/W 33/1

Good luck m8, mine are as follows (don't laugh!)

Dun Doire (20/1 e/w)
Bewleys Berry (25/1 e/w)
Royal Auclair (40/1 e/w)

and I looked around Betfair and got the following to win for about a quid each (well, you never know!)

Gallant Approach at 219/1
The Outlier at 259/1
Celtic Son at 329/1
Cloudy Bays at 395.2/1
Livingstonebramble at 239/1

My main bet of the day is a win double though

Fair Along 2.15
Detroit City 2.50

They owe me big for their Cheltenham displays!

Good luck to all.
This is the only Horse race I ever have a flutter on, so here's my bets

£1 on Simon @ 20-1
£1 on Longshanks @ 18-1
£1 on Homer Wells @ 40-1
£1 on Eurotrek @ 16-1
£1 on Billyvoddan @ 18-1 All to win, and
£10 on Point Barrow @ 9-1 Each way

Go Point Barrow, GO!

Just noticed I've picked half the horses you did @ Corkyvw. The person who gave me the tips must have been reading your post, unless you go by the name of Scooby on another forum?
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My only bet of the year too.

Got three on:

Point Barrow
Dun Doire
Jack High

: mr ed : Strongly advise you all to avoid these!!!:FRIGHT:
LOL thanks for the jinx Rose, there goes my pound!
Sorry about that Randomist & Oldskool.

That was my Mum's horse.:Angryfire

Three of us watching the race and I don't think any made it half way round.:CRYBABY:

Ah well, start saving for next year!
Cost me a tenner lol, never mind, first time registered at Coral so £25 Quidco :)

By the way, how do you get your free £10 bet?