Dreambox - Enigma - Evocam install - HELP!!


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Jul 20, 2005
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After lots of searching and reading I've finally managed to get Gemini 2.2 installed on my 500c, I've converted my services.xml into the enigma flavour and I can now view FTA channels....hooorah!!!


The image has no cams installed and I haven't got a clue where to put them, I presume I'll need Evocamd as I did with my Dbox2 but where on earth do I put the files?!

Gemini images include a autoinstall feature for camd's, manually or via internet.
mgb said:
Gemini images include a autoinstall feature for camd's, manually or via internet.

Ahh, I found this feature but when I select it I get an error, it's as though the box isn't geting a connection, I've tried using DHCP but it failed, it also failed when using a static IP, funny thing is - I can listen to the Shoutcast radio stations on the box yet I can't seem to access the auto-install site.

Ok, managed to get Evocamd 1.00 installed, so now it's just a matter getting some keys into it...

Trial and error I suppose..
Maybe the server is down.
For manual installation you have to upload the special gemini camd packages to the tmp folder and use then the manual installation procedure.
You need evocamd and the evocamd config files package.
I managed to get evocam installed and I've got a file that contains script files for evocam - are these the config files?, if so where do I put them as they don't seem to auto-install.

ATM I'm getting an error on encrypted channels that says "No CAM ID", is this because I've not appled the evocam scripts/configs?
The config files are named evocamd v59 config or so and you can it install via the config file install procedure.
Thanks for your help mgb, you're a star :)

Found evocamd v59 on the Sportster site and it installed ok, does enigma support AU keys under evocam or do I need to manually update my keyfile?

Talking of keys...do I jsut need keylist.txt and AutoUpdate.key in \var\keys\ or are they in the wrong place?

Sorry for all the questions :)
Camd installation means following the gemini rules and install via internet or via gemini packages. If you want to go your own way you have to write scripts by your own.
Autoupdate.Key go to /var/keys, also the nagra rom files.
I'm a total dork!

Turned out that in my excitement I had flashed an image for the DM7000 instead of the DM500, no wonder I was having trouble!!, lol. I reflashed and suddenly all the download options started working so I've now got my evocam installed and configured, I still can't get the keys to Auto-update though but I'm getting there......slowly :)

Thanks for your help!
mgb said:
Did you enable evocamd in the blue panel menue.

Yes mate, all working now, turned out my Autoupdate.key was gibberish.

Thanks for your help.:BLOBBY:
Where did you get your keys from in the end witchy2k1?
Did you take them from your dbox?

mgb said:
The keys for dreambox and dbox2 are the same.
I have been trying to setup a DM500c myself.

I am learning myself but I dont think this statement correct.

The service files on my dreambbox are not in XML format like the ones on this site.
Can anyone tell me how to convert them??

Sorry got to ask this one. Where did you find the Gemini image. I keep stumbling across German sites. Do you know any good english forums and download site to use?

If I speak about keys, I mean keys and not service files.
Thanks for the info mgb.

I've had a good look round the site found a neutrino image but no Gemini. At least not for the dreambox 500c. However I did find other tools I need like evocamd, dreamup flash tool and putty-tel.

Cheers that a good site.
What do you think the link to dreambox 500 is good for on this site?
I thought the dreambox 500 link was for the sat version. It said 500 S on the link, I take it from your question that it works on the cable version as well.

All the search I've done just up end finding the sat version as well. Oh well I know now.

Hopefully my dreambox will arrive today I'll, then I'll be able to give it ago.

Cheers for the help.
If you klick on the 500s link you get a list of images. If you klick on info in the gemini line what do you read in the first line?