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Abu Baniaz

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Mar 30, 2008
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Vix image Solo2

VIX ImageVu+ Solo 2

kernel 3.3.8


Vu + Kernel Version: 3.3.8
Vu+ Drivers: 08-05-2013

All Users

please be aware. This image contains a new linux kernel and as a result we strongly recommend that you do not use the online update option if you are on a lower build but perform a full fresh reflash to prevent any unforeseen or unexpected problems . Also note that after flashing the image if you use a settings backup made from the older kernel based image your settings will be restored but your plugins will not, this is not a bug by a safety precaution.

Special Thanks

  • rytec - for his continued support.
  • Ocram for his Picon sets
  • All developers for their plugins used in the feeds of this image.
  • All of the ViX Beta team for their hours of testing and dedication on getting this image working.
  • Rob van der Does, belierzz, rimas, Henkka, raivo, eesatfan, Zartmy, Trial & june8 for their translation work
  • Huevos for his work on blindscan
  • Gennart1 for dvb-as102 support
  • Markus625 for skin ViXBMC

Note: Not all 3rd party plugins have been tested or are guaranteed to be compatable.
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