[DOWNLOAD] Phantompatch-TM-5402-M3-0.01p-18-02-2016

The "patch 146 dtd AUG 16." I could not find?

Phantompatch TM 5402-M3 145p 14.07.2016 I loaded in, but still the same result with no access to 8280 at 27.5W.

How did you get the 27.5°W channels? Did you get the 5402 to scan the satellite? This will NOT work. You need to either (1) load a working channel list or (2) enter the channel parameters one by one manually. I use both these patches and they work perfectly.
(1) https://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/tec...ads-388/417734-download-tm5402hd-ch-list.html
(2) https://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/technomate-tm-5402hd-support-631/288049-27-5-w-bbc.html
You may have to load software for the said receiver direct from the Technomate web site first then load patch / addon.
If that fails contact Technomate direct or look in the TM RECEIVERS (this forum).

Thank you!

In another forum it's a reference to a bug(27.5W), and Technomate is working on it?

The CAS on my 5402-M3: Free, Viacess, SECA, etc. and at last Unknown.
There is no CAS: BISS and I get no access with 8280.
Is this the real problem?

The old 5402-M2 is working fine, and I wonder if I can copy the channellist to the 5402-M3?