Death In The Line Of Duty


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Jul 5, 2001
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The police woman shot dead in Bradford was killed on her daughter's fourth birthday. Two people have been arrested in connection with the crime.

Sharon Beshenivsky, 38, had three children and two step-children.

The robbers opened fire outside the shop as soon as she and colleague Teresa Milburn, 37, arrived on the scene.

WPc Beshenivsky was hit in the chest. Desperate attempts were made to save her life without success.

WPc Milburn was hit in the shoulder as the three raiders fired a volley of bullets to cover their escape.

She is receiving treatment in hospital under armed guard and police say she has suffered a "difficult night". Her injuries are not life-threatening.

The arrests were made in London at 8.30 this morning.

Police, who said they have their "A team" on the case, issued descriptions of the three men they are hunting.

The first is Asian, aged between 25 and 30, of medium to stocky build with short black hair. He is between 5ft 8in and 5ft 10in tall.

The second is black, in his twenties, of slim build, 6ft tall and was wearing smart, dark clothing.

The third is black and also in his twenties.

A forensic search of the scene is now underway and police said the area would be cordoned off for "as long as it takes".

Chief Constable Colin Cramphorn told Sky News the killers were "self-evidently" dangerous individuals.

The officers had been wearing body armour but the shootings have reopened the debate on whether British police should be armed.

:: Police have appealed for anyone with information to contact the incident room on 01274 373 700.
poor woman killed on her daughters birthday i think it is well past the time now our police have a larger armed section to deal with those criminals