David vs Goliath


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Aug 10, 2001
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I am sure some of you have probably of heard of QC leisure? They used to be sponsors of the old popular satdudez site, and well known for years as suppliers of Art sports cards. They sell to retail and to trade, as well as install systems in pubs, and I remember maybe 4 years ago buying a 6month Art card from them when they were just not available anywhere else.

-= David Richardson, the boss of satellite equipment supplier called QC Leisure, is prepared to risk financial ruin as he launches a one-man crusade. The Sunderland fan is ready to spend £800,000 to fight a David v Goliath legal battle against the Premier League and Sky Sports.

-= The Premier League wants to prevent foreign satellite broadcasts of Sky matches into UK pubs and clubs. If Richardson gets his way, the case is set to end up in the European Court of Justice. Several clubs supposedly claim that pub broadcasts are badly hitting attendances.

-= The PL are now targeting equipment suppliers such as QC as well as licencees. Richardson, the first supplier to be served with a writ, said: "The allegations will be defended fully. We are confident that what we are doing is absolutely legal. It's an attempt to bully us by threatening us with financial ruin. We want to get the case into the European Court of Justice for a ruling as soon as possible."


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Aug 8, 2001
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i have been following this for months m8, theres a woman from portsmouth who is trying to get her 8k fine and guilty of copyright theft heard in the european court. im active on the 2 main pub trade forums and theres LOADS of people behing QC lesiure. there is another 2 firms that sly, fapl and mps have issued court writs against as well. im just waiting for one to land on my doorstep lol

if you want the links gimme a shout