** CRASH ** Performing CRC on Image 1...


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May 19, 2005
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Port Glasgow
Hey guys, i've recently purchased a ambit 200 from ebay and it's marked as brand new however upon plugin' the ac adapter and my max323 cable into the modem (without the coax cable plugged in, to prevent the bootloader update) i get this strange message, i was hoping one of you more experienced modem hackers could help me out this is the message below;

Performing CRC on Image 1...

******************** CRASH ********************

R0/ZERO=00000000 R1/AT =00000001 R2/V0 =0000001e R3/V1 =000000a1
R4/A0 =bec2005c R5/A1 =2c19be9e R6/A2 =0000001e R7/A3 =00000000
R8/T0 =0000006e R9/T1 =00000002 R10/T2 =0000000d R11/T3 =807efe3c
R12/T4 =00010058 R13/T5 =00000031 R14/T6 =0000035c R15/T7 =054bf6a4
R16/S0 =807fff38 R17/S1 =00000000 R18/S2 =00000002 R19/S3 =eadbbef8
R20/S4 =c0000000 R21/S5 =a500bfec R22/S6 =2c19be9e R23/S7 =000092f4
R24/T8 =0fdc1bec R25/T9 =aadca400 R26/K0 =deaddead R27/K1 =deaddead
R28/GP =00000000 R29/SP =807ffda0 R30/FP =bec2005c R31/RA =81f840c4

pc : 0x81f84188 sr : 0x00000002
cause: 0x00008028 addr: 0xc0000000

After this it becomes unresponsive and i can't enter the anti update hack :(...hope this doesn't mean it's f00ked :( cheers
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news m8 but its bolloxed needs tsop reflashing. Check the modems web page, see if its got the logo or not.
Ok this is weird ...i get that crash and yet after i changed tha mac im assigned a valid ip address but the modem won't come one....i think my signal isn't stong enough im currently running 2x dbox2 + 2x 200 ambit lol ?
If ya ip starts 192 then the mac isnt recognised by the cc or theirs no signal to modem.

If the ip starts 169 then theirs a connection problem between modem an pc.

If the ip ends between 248 - 255 then the modems not registered or has been disabled by the cc for none payment.
prevent the bootloader update

currently my modem is showing 192 ip address thus not communicating with my pc.
I am trying to get a list of macs using DHCPForce but nothing is being picked up. I am following the steps from the tutorial.

please help me ... how can i get a list of mac

also when it picks up these macs how will i identify them to see of they are from my gateway or not ? and which i will be able to use?
hi mate same problem mine updated even thow i done the antiupdate but im new tryed copying my mac first which was a 200 mac i also got a ip starting with 82.and ending in 253
Ah B.B. that's the information i've been looking for.
So if my ip begins with 169 a connection problem with pc?
What exactly does this mean.
It's part of my four modem experiment.
I got three working,but the fourth one would'nt connect. done the anti update and mac ok. Gave it a mid config just to see if it was that.
Watching it in hyperterminal,said something about bandwidth not recived????
Somehting about bandwidth any how?
You guys seem both to be looking for macs from your own gate way.
i.e. your pc where you want the modem.
I could have been mistaken.
You got to find a friend with ntl down the road(5+miles) and get him to scan fro a mac for you to use.
aye m8 i had that as well bro like bandwidth not recived on a few macs now i have tried where it randomly discconets i made a post aboout it earlier m8 ;) think the macs i am using r to close like :p name750 u got msn m8?