Costco membership with free stuff


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Aug 22, 2009
Cosco are doing a offer 12 month membership for £33.60 if you buy through groupon..... and don't forget to topcashback give you £4.03 back so make it cheaper

This 12-month membership to Costco includes a £10 in-warehouse voucher, fresh chicken twin pack, carrot cake and 48 AA batteries

The Deal
  • £33.60 for a 12-month Costco membership, a £10 in-warehouse voucher, two whole chickens, batteries and carrot cake, as well as £20 off a £200 shop online (up to 53% off)
  • Membership also includes a complimentary 12-month spouse or domestic partner card
  • Freebies include: Kirkland Signature carrot cake | Kirkland Signature fresh whole chicken twin pack | Kirkland Signature 48 AA batteries
  • £20 off when spending £200 or more at
  • Learn more about other member services for business and home and fuel stations

hope this is of use