iPhone Complete walkthrough for all 13 golden eggs


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Dec 5, 2006
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Refer to the above picture for egg numbers
#1- pause any level and press the "?" button. the egg will be on the white bird instruction screen.
#2- mighty hoax level 5-19.....the egg is located on the right side off the screen. if you zoom out and throw a yellow in that direction you'll see it when the screen moves up a little. to get it either use the yellow bird or with white bird bomb to the right of the wood sticking up on the first tower and the bird will take off and hit the egg.
#3- poached eggs level 2-2.....just destroy the beach ball.
#4- obtain 3 stars on all levels of poached eggs.....to get the star press group of birds, slingshot, TNT, any top bird, any bottom pig.
#5- obtain 3 stars on all levels of mighty hoax.....to get the star press any two buttons simultaneously.
#6- on the main screen press the " i " button and watch the credits all the way to the end and the egg will appear under the white bird. to get the star spread open the beak with thumb and index finger.
#7- poached eggs level 1-8.....tap the treasure chest. to get the star tap pigs nose with both thumbs.
#8- on the episode select screen.....double tap the sun.
#9- mighty hoax level 4-7.....zoom out and egg will be on top of cliff on the right. to get it hit it with the yellow bird.
#10- danger above level 6-14.....break yellow balloon under the treehouse.
#11- danger above level 8 "coming soon" screen.....drag the screen to the left and egg will be on the right.
#12- obtain 3 stars on all levels of danger above..... to get the star press blue bird, red bird, black bird(with eyes closed), blue bird, green bird.
#13- danger above level 8-15..... the egg is under the slingshot platform. to get it just bounce yellow birds off the trampoline on the bottom right across from the egg or use boomerang birds.
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