Cleaning windows in the sunshine


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Jul 20, 2005
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Why do wndows streak when you clean them in sunshine, yet they don't when you clean them in the shade?
regarding the windows, not to sure as to why, but could have something to do with them drying quicker maybewith the sun on it, where's as in the shade u have more time to clear the smears...not sure just a thought
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use newspaper to buffer the windoes up once cleaned and dried old hairdresser salon tip lol
its something to do with then drying or mabey u can just see the streakes in the sun lol and cant see them in the shade
@ rimo

This is my toned down one, I don't want to scare the locals. :)

@ Tina

Yer, it must be something like that, it seems that no matter which method you choose to clean them they always end up streaked in the sun, i wonder why noone has invented and anti-streak cleaner?!

lol, listen to us discussing cleaning windows, ffs.

window cleaner has an ethanol like substance in it that evaporates to leave no trace of itself on the glass, in a cool environment the ethonal evaporates slowly, allowing the cleaning agent its also mixed with ample time to remove any grease, dust and other impuritys from the surface of the glass before evaporating to leave a perfectly clean finish. when the temprature of either the glass or the surrounding air is hotter the ethanol evaporates quicker so as you are wiping the impuritys away its leaving a streak of what looks like weak grease where the soap like substance in the cleaning solution is left behind, and this reflects the light on a slightly different angle than the glass, leaving a streak. you can polish it off with satin

the best time to clean your windows is during the short dry spell after a thunder storm as the air is cool and there is no static to attract dust to the cloth you are using, and any dust in the air has been caught by the rain

ps, i used to make double glazed units lol, not just useless pub quiz ammo