CCleaner 5.45


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Feb 21, 2013
August 01, 2018
Piriform/Avast released CCleaner 5.45 recently to the public that Windows users may not want to install or upgrade to.

The changelog of the new release highlights the change in euphemistic terms: "Added more detailed reporting for bug fixes and product improvements". The company added privacy options to CCleaner in May and stated back then that it collected only anonymous data from free users and did not display the options to free users because of that.

CCleaner users who run the new release may notice two changes immediately: It is nearly impossible to disable the monitoring part of CCleaner (Active Monitoring), and there are not any privacy settings anymore in the free version of the program.

While you may go to Options > Monitoring to disable "Enable system monitoring" and "Enable Active Monitoring" there, you will notice that the monitoring turns itself on again on the next start.

Note also that you can't close CCleaner anymore using interface controls; A click on the x-icon minimizes the program, and the right-click system tray icon displays no option to terminate the program. The only option that is available is to terminate CCleaner forcefully thru Task Manager.

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