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Feb 2, 2007
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Is it possible if you have a youtube account that someone can actually hack your account and find you ? IP addy etc ?

My mate was bitching with someone and it got quite heated and basically it came to a "see you soon" comment lol

I personally told him that it was not possible but....

Any advice would be great..

Thanks in advance..:)
Not from just hacking your account, your IP address is displayed in your account.

However they could get your email details and use that for tracking you down in other ways plus if you have given out any personal information in the video or comments then obviously that can be used.

99.99% of the times you will find threatening comment made by 13year old keyboard warriors.
ps pepole i must stress never use your proper name address details etc on the internet, i use silly names like bob marley bob dylan pinkfloyd for emails and use them for spam ya gonna get from other sites/offers out there etc

only use ya real name/email for friends/banks/bills etc
If people are cauious then you can't get much from the email addy. However the problem with email is often people use the same email addy for everything. Start searching on the email and its scary how much info and screen names that people use against that email.

Of course the worst if facebook and other social sites, once somebody has connected the two then it can be easy to friend them (most idiots click yes to friend requests without checking out who they are), once there most people have a LOT of personal details in facebook.

You could also send emails to entice people to click a link to a malious site you have set up (not that I would ever do that....). Just some simple shit like earn fiver for filling in this survey. Surveys will ask for name and addy to send money to, even if they put crap in the survey once they have clicked on the link you have a chance to install spyware and at least get their IP address.

So technically not a risk having email addy, but social hacking and most people poor security means there are options.