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Oct 30, 2005
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Hi M8 .

Wonder coul u help me , Please , I have a Pace DI4001N
and no matter what i do to it i cant get it out of tune , a good member on here has had it for 2 days , and he has tried everything , tuner , joints , etc , but it has got him , so i was wondering if i paid the post and packing and somthing for your time would u have a look at it for me , and obviously any parts that were needed i would pay them . It was working guy used to do he card for a tenner , then fifteen , then twenty , so didnt bother put it cubora for six months now wont go , even when my m8 put todays keys in .

Many thanks Gyprock
Take The Power Lead Out And Hold The Up And Down Buttons On The Box,put The Lead Back In Keeping The Buttons Pressed And When It Says Boot On The Box Then Let Go And It Should Boot Up Ok.
I had one with the same problem as you too!!

I unplugged - held in down button only and plugged back in - keep holding button until "starting" comes up at the bottom of the screen!! - Basically a warm boot.

Also make sure the box is the first one after the wall box as they stick in tune when the signal strength is crap!!