Banks and misselling of products

Yep I saw it too. In the documentary they singled out Barclays but they are all the same. My dad is is about 78, one day he went into lloyds and came out with a bond of for 12k that he never really needed or wanted, but apparently the elderly are specially targeted.
I saw the program too, it make you sick that these prats do this & where suppose to trust the banks with our savings,

Its a joke.
I saw it to. My wife has an account with Barclays so we checked her account and guess what !! YEP, they had changed her account to additions, in fact it had been changed almost 3 years ago.
She went to the bank today with all her statements back to when it was changed to complain. They immediately offered to pay back the last years charges but said the rest would have to go through their complaints department and would take a couple of weeks to investigate. So that is also being done.
So check your accounts and if you have had additions added then complain ASAP, because they know they are in the wrong and will rectify things.
I instinctively don't trust them. I remember needing to send some money to the US and having to see the manager to do it. He took me into his office and he looked like the least trustworthy person on earth. The devil himself. I still reckon I was conned for some reason.