anyone use invision forum software

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irst thing i would like to say is im completly new to this forum lark well try to help run one so please try to bear with me.

right im helping my mate trying to sort his radio display out on his site with very little sucsess basicly a lad used to maintain the site for him and had to leave so its stuck with an inactive radio display is there any one out there fancy a mission to help me get it back working or better again remove the old one and add a better one to the site heres a pic ov are current one


are site is using invision IPB Version v2.0.3

cheers in advance and i look forward in your help

yeah i may be able to help with that.....wat you need to know ?
use ipb myself (2.0.4 and 2.1.1) .. assume this is a radio mod ?