Anti-gun campaigner Pat Regan killed at home


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Mar 5, 2006
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A mother who championed a national campaign against gun and knife crime has been found stabbed to death at her home.

Pat Regan, 53, was at the forefront of Mothers Against Violence movement after her son Danny was shot in a suspected gangland killing.

Police confirmed that her 20 year old grandson was being held in connection with her death.

Mrs Regan's body was found in her first floor maisonette, in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, by a neighbour on Sunday night.


Campaigner Pat Regan has been killed in her own home

Her grandson Rakeim had been arrested earlier in the day at the city's main railway station after a 45 year old security guard was stabbed.

Members of staff had challenged him about trespassing when he is claimed to have attacked the man with a knife while on a platform.

The injured officer was taken to hospital after suffering a stab wound to his arm.

British Transport Police officers detained Rakeim on suspicion of attempted murder and Mrs Regan's body was discovered seven hours later. It is understood he has been receiving treatment for mental health problems.

Mrs Regan became a prominent figure in the campaign against the rising tide of violence after her 25 year old son Danny's murder in St Helens, Merseyside in Dec 2002.

Last year she was invited to Downing Street for a summit with Tony Blair, while he was Prime Minister, and John Reid, then Home Secretary.

Three months ago she met the Princess Royal, during a royal visit to Leeds, who held her and told her "Keep up the good work".

Mrs Regan's work in the community, through her Leeds branch of Mothers Against Violence, involved giving talks to school pupils on the consequences of gun and knife crime.

She said last year: "I have seen 18 and 19 year olds cry. We go through the whole scenario of what can happen when people use guns and knives in crime."

Her eldest son Shane, 35, choked back tears as he told yesterday (mon) how her death had shaken the family to the core.

He said: "She had dedicated her life to stopping violence like this. She was one of the most genuine people you could ever meet.

"What has happened has come as a massive shock to all of us and we're just trying to piece together in our heads what has gone on.

"I just can't believe it, none of us can. She died for what she believed in and what she was trying to stop.

"All of the family helped her out as much as we could, she was the best. She represented out family and she represented the struggle against violence."

Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, met Mrs Regan on several occasions and said she had worked tirelessly, achieved a great deal and described her death as "a great loss".

Mrs Regan regularly looked after her dead son's son, also called Danny to stay with her at her flat.

On the fifth anniversary of the unsolved murder she acknowledged that her son's lifestyle may have led to his murder which she described as "a living nightmare".

Lorraine Fraser, 43, who met her four years go after her 16 year old son died in a knife attack, claimed Mrs Regan had tried to get support for Rakeim.

She said: "She was a very brave lady and screamed out for help for that child, but because he was 18 they wouldn't do anything.

"She saved lives and lifted people up, she did a hell of a lot. She was there to help people and she helped me when I lost my son."

By Paul Stokes


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Jul 2, 2005
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loss of a great woman,worked hard at trying to stop something that eventually killed her,tragedy!!!