Add a Custom Boot Video to your Nintendo Wii

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Feb 25, 2010
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While browsing various sites I cam across Crazy Intro a Homebrew Application for the Nintendo Wii which allows you to replace the health warning screen at startup with your own custom video. It can be anything you like as long as it is in .avi format and will fit on your SD Card.

Crazy Intro took a little bit of setting up and tweaking, but luckily for you I have done it so you don’t have too. I know I am just too kind to you.

Youtube Video:
Add a Custom Boot Video to your Nintendo Wii

Install Instructions:

- Download the files above and extract them to the root of the SD Card.

- Insert the SD Card into the Wii and load Priiloader by holding the Reset Button while powering on the Wii.

- In Priiloader enable the hack "Replace Health Screen with Backmenu" and scroll to the bottom to save changes.

- Go Back to the Priiloader Main Menu and Select "Load / Install File" you should see the Crazy Intro file, just select it and Press [A] to install it.

- Once again go back to the Priiloader Main Menu and enter the "Settings" Menu.

- You now need to change "Autoboot" to "File" and "Return to" to "System Menu", then scroll to the bottom to save changes.

- Go back to the Priiloader Main Menu for the last time and choose "System Menu" and your Wii should load up as normal.

- Power Off the Wii and Power Back On, you should now see a much improved video intro instead of the boring Health Warning Screen.

Full Instructions and Needed Files:
How to add a Custom Boot Video to your Nintendo Wii

Enjoy :)


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Jun 30, 2007
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I gave it a go, made my own vid and all set to go until I realised for some reason I didnt have preloader. Not sure what happened, maybe disappeared when I did the manual upgrade to 4.2. Anyways, put it back on (v0.29) and it corrupted the system menu. Good thing I had a backup.

Now put on priiloader and was able to test this. Its good but I always felt a little comfortable if bootmii screen appeared. Unfortunately it didnt. Would be perfect if it was bootmii followed by my own vid. Reason being is if my priiloader got uninstalled again, then Ive got no way to restore if anything goes wrong. Dont fancy taking the risk.

However, there is wiihome. It is just a static picture but its a way to get rid of the default press A message. Check that out.